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NCoH Arena

Nine Circles of Hell (NCoH) is a simple strategy game whose goal is to eliminate all of your marbles from the arena. The arena consists of a set of nested, concentric rings with carved out notches. Each inner ring is lower than its neighbor outer ring, and they can rotate.

You start with a set of marbles placed in the notches of the outermost ring. The rules are simple:

  • Select one of your marbles
  • Select a ring, either the one the selected marble is in, or the next inner one
  • Pick a direction in which the selected ring will rotate

The ring will rotate until the selected marble drops into the next inner ring. If that inner ring is the center, then the marble leaves the arena.


Game Options

  • Pick number of players/count of marbles per player
  • Scoring: simple count of marbles versus points rewarded for actions
  • Escape options: use any available exit or only the one you own
  • Opponents: human, computer, remote (via the Steam community)
  • Appearance: different marble sets, what the arena is made of

Under the Hood

NCoH is a physics-based 3D model where spherical objects on a slanting floor roll due to gravity. As a result, marbles may hang up and not drop into a slot as you were expecting. The arena is dynamically constructed by a process known as CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) where 3D objects are combined via Boolean operators. For NCoH, this means each ring is based on a cylinder from which a smaller cylinder is 'subtracted'. Notches are created by subtracting a long, tilted rod from that ring. It is this construction process that causes the delay in every new game startup.



Now available on Steam.