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Zig Zag Jazz develops non-violent, thoughtful games that we here at ZZJ always wanted to play. With its cross-platform support and multi-player environment, Steam is used to distribute our games.



Nine Circles of Hell

You are at the outer rim of Dante's hell, and the only escape is to travel down through all the circles and exit through the center. Metaphorically speaking, that it.

Really, you have a set of marbles located in a set of notches in an outer ring. Each interior ring is lower, with its own set of notches. Rotate a ring so that the notches line up and the marbles will drop. Get all of your marbles out through the center and you win.

Sewer Surfer

You are trapped in an interconnected set of sewers. Navigate your way from tunnel to tunnel and make it back to the outside world.

Behind the GUI

Explore the inner working of a Graphical User Interface, repairing wiring and connections to get the interface panel working again.


About Us

Zig Zag Jazz was founded in 2016 to support experimental game development. We are firm believers in open-source and our games are built upon various open-source engines, libraries, and assets. We contribute back to several open-source software projects. We also strive to make our games available on as many platforms as possible.